Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Made Olive Bread

Hello all,

I have taken up baking bread at home. I finally took a picture of my bread baking results.

Here is a picture of a freshly baked loaf. The crust has some grated pecorino cheese. The loaf is flavored with the following ingredients that I sautéed in Olive oil and butter: Crushed garlic, Olives, Olive tapenade, sun dried tomatoes, mustard powder, ailoi, pistachios, cranberries, grated pecorino cheese, rosemary, etc.

The liquid is primarily whey and water. I hope that you can see the picture of the baked loaf. It was reasonably tasty – the kids did eat it.

This exercise in baking follows partly the Jim Lahey-Mark Bitman (New York Times: protocol -- with considerable reinterpretation. The artistic license that I took with their recipe must be excused. The picture below shows the results of the dough that I have just completed kneading (YUP! – my method does not employ the no-knead variety at all). I have now placed the shaped ball of dough in a bowl on oiled wax paper for proofing.

I let it rise about 12 hours before I baked it using the hot cast iron Dutch oven method that they recommend. The crust was softer than I wanted it to be. That however was just what the kids preferred.

The video of Lahey and Bitman that in spired me to go back to baking bread is worth watching:

Cheers and Happy Eating.

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