Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Congress of Crows at UWB

Fyi….it has been really freaky on campus starting at dusk for the last three weeks. The noise level is stupendous.




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In case any of you have, like me, family that would like to see the crows you keep telling them about, I took a (shaky, hastily-edited) video of the crows this evening and posted it to youtube:

A while back, on the 372 home, I looked out the window and waited to find out how long it would take until I couldn't see at least ten crows in the sky. I made it all the way to Lake City before the sky was dark enough that it was hard to tell, and there hadn't yet been a point when I couldn't see well more than ten crows, all headed towards campus.


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Last month, I was riding in our car in the afternoon and saw a stream of
flying black birds (probably crows) that stretched for several miles from
McCollum Park to Thrasher's Corner. They were flying in groups of several
dozen each and heading south, perhaps to our Campus wetlands.

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