Friday, September 24, 2010

The Color of your Parachute?

Requiem for Martin Lukes: A Most Integethical Man!

It is with great sorrow that the world learnt that Martin Lukes passed away most tragically in a skydiving accident last week. “Sir” Lukes RIP. The master of Mind Bullets is no more. A true thought leader if there ever was one. Very few have moved me enough to post a tribute online.

Martin Lukes lived his life in full public glare. A true technophile, who migrated up the new technology chain.  He was as comfortable a crackberry addict as he was a blogger and a Tweetnut.. He lived to the full in the fishbowl of the new social media public eye.  In fact, he even conducted all of his numerous "affairs" on twitter and email.

The death occurred under most suspicious circumstances.  It was reported in the Financial Times that his parachute did not open. What color was Martin's parachute? Will the Police investigate? Some suspect there will be a cover-up.

                It must be mentioned that Rumors are afoot that Martin may brush off even this disaster and surface elsewhere a la Sherlock Holmes.

Creovation! now that is a Martin Lukes legacy. Poor GE, their second tier “Ecomagination” coinage which never caught on in the Product & Service Innovation Literature. No academic would ever give credence to such an unimaginative term.  Martin on the other hand was the soul of the new thought leadership school. What can be done to further his legacy? I propose to consider changing the name of my MBA course to Creovation Marketing from the more blasé New Product Marketing. The recent hand wringing over teaching ethics in B-schools would be rendered moot if we were all to maximize our Integethical footprint and incorporate his concepts into the new course. If a University curriculum committee would pass this, Martin Lukes’ DNA will live on.

Martin Lukes: A most Integethical man. Condolences to the very young triplets: Martina, Tiger and Edelweiss. Condolences as well to Max and Jake. Who will provide much needed succor to Sherril..  Can the three young ‘uns grow up fast enough to stop her from falling (She has had to change her meds)?

Martin Lukes: What Lucy gives, Lucy taketh away! Oh, Peanuts.

Martin Lukes. If even you cannot Tweet and Parachute, who can?

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