Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogs and Tweets: Influentials

In response to a query from a senior colleague who is coming abck to teach for us.

                Dear K: I don't follow many blogs.  A couple for you: Clay Shirky of NYU is considered a thought leader.

                A real big name is of course Danah Boyd of Microsoft (based out of MSR in New England).

                Jennifer Aaker at Stanford (possibly daughter of Dave Aaker of UC Berkeley) has a blog.  Some interesting research. See:

                Many of the newer style blog postings are unfortunately fairly frenetic.  It is hard to read for an "old school" reader who likes depth.  Some of these new media people are best read for their tweets on Twitter. GigaOm is one that I follow on that format. Example:

-----Original Message from a highly respected colleague-----

“Sundar, sometime I'd like to chat with you about what you see happening in the social media industry.  Of course I know all about Facebook and Google, but what about all the peripheral companies that are starting and growing around this phenomenon?  Is there someone who is "mapping" this and following what the opportunities are, and how it is evolving?   Who are the 2 or 3 top business school scholars studying this?  Do they have web pages, summarizing their research activities?

Have a great weekend with the family, as we are doing.  I am teaching the "intensive" 300 in Bellevue starting Wednesday.  If you have time for a quick chat on Tuesday, let me know.  I need your wisdom.

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