Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Investor Behavior & Financial Markets: Biology & Anthropology Perspective

Articles (from that are connected by a common thread of studying Investor Behavior and Financial Markets that argue loosely for an interdisciplinary perspective of Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology.
  1. Scathing attack by Commentator John Kay on the economic models of recent Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent. Kay argues strongly for an Anthropological Perspective – invokes the spirit of Ronald Coase. Eminent Economist Ronald Coase will be 101 shortly.  Useful for those interested in Financial Markets and Investor Behavior. John Kay's blistering attacks on Tom Sargent continue.  
  2. Horses for courses: picking market models - The anthropologist Edward Evans-Pritchard described the fallacy of "if I were a horse". Since we have not been, and never will be, horses, our speculations are unlikely to connect with reality. We should not use categories... (See more articles »)
  3. Interesting review of the reasons for the behavior of Rogue Traders. Parallels from evolutionary biology. Review looks at the work by Amos Tversky and Danny Kahneman on Behavioral Decision Theory What makes a rogue trader? - | FT

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