Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Technology Innovation: Washing Machines and Food Blenders!

I was sent an article by an old undergraduate chum. The article mentioned in the context of creativity, ingenuity, and "appopriate technology" the use of Washing Machines as Food Blenders! Namely a huge automated Butter Churn. Naturally, like you, I too was puzzled. Naturally enough, there were no references to this in the text of this popular press article. So I turned to the internet and did a bit of sleuthing.
I just finished doing a spot of internet search and discovered an AD related to this - namely a restauranteur employing multiple washing machines to churn buttermilk to make that most nourishing of drinks - the lassi (a drink that is ubiquitous in India).
This cannot be true, I thought. But, hey watch it for yourself, a supposedly JWT London commercial for HSBC bank:
In my mind this raises more questions than it answers.
Is this an urban legend. Can this be true? Do East European firms even make washing machines that sell worldwide? And would those machines sell in India, have a dealer network, etc? Hmmm…perhaps only for making lassi!

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